Why Millennials Should Participate in Market Research

Did you know that almost half of all US spending is done by Millennials? Millennials are defined as people born from 1981 to 1996. Millennials are having a substantial impact on the way businesses market their products and services. Millennials are redefining what people should expect from brands across the globe because you are unbiased when it comes to labels.


Your generation can connect with companies on a massive scale due to social media, whereas the generations before you did not have that ability. You are insistent on convenience, feeling a sense of security and your response to innovation is unprecedented. Millennials are drawn to ads, and most are compelled to interact with them. Businesses thrive on this interaction. Engaging with companies that you love, admire and respect can only continue if they know what it is that you genuinely want and need from them.


Everyday companies strive to grow with the purpose of keeping up sales, customer service, or ratings. To do this, they depend on the feedback of the consumer. It is no surprise that with each generation the market changes and businesses must change as well to keep up with the wants and needs of the consumer.


This is where you have the chance to voice your opinion on the things that matter most to you, whether that be on healthcare, education, clothing or even food. Take advantage of that.


The best way you can do that is by participating in consumer research studies. Currently, most studies are conducted online so you can participate from the comfort of your couch and in your pjs.


But, just signing up will not do the trick, you must follow through if you want to be heard. Most studies last less than two hours and pay anywhere from $50-$100. Now think of what you could do with some extra spending cash like that from time to time. That is a new outfit or even a date night. And aside from the money, you are helping companies better understand their customers to provide products and services that meet consumers’ demands.


Now who is ready to earn some money and make a difference?

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