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    Greensboro, NC

    Greensboro is nestled in the heart of the Piedmont Triad, and offers a vibrant blend of Southern charm and urban sophistication. Boasting a diverse population and thriving economy, it’s a hotspot for market researchers seeking insights into consumer behavior. With its strategic location, Greensboro provides an ideal environment for conducting comprehensive market studies and analysis.

    Services Offered

    No matter the type of market research you need in Greensboro, NC, we at EastCoast Research endeavor to deliver you with quality participants.

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    Recruiting Services

    Our recruiting services are tailored to deliver recruits in demographic segments that are of the highest importance to you. We connect via phone, email, and social media to ensure quality participants who will respond with informative opinions.

    Hispanic Recruiting Services

    Recognizing the increasing demand, we extend dedicated Hispanic recruiting services.  This includes:

    • Expert Spanish-to-English moderators.
    • Proficient interpreters and transcriptionists.
    • Adapted research methods catering to various degrees of participant acculturation.
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    Sensory Testing

    Our rigorous protocols meet the highest standards necessary for your sensory testing requirements. This includes:

    • Balance of proper screening and training procedures
    • Comprehensive management of both on-site and at-home testing.
    • Stringent security measures for product inventory and documentation.
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    Interviews & Intercepts

    Get quality insights from our expert interview team with field experience to conduct intercepts and questionnaires that reveal the information you require. Competent with various interaction methods, we are equipped to provide you with feedback from numerous locations.

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    Project Management

    Leverage the use of our skilled project management team for your qualitative and quantitative research needs. At our facility in Greensboro, NC, we can simplify the market research process, checking all the boxes and delivering accurate information to make informed decisions.

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    Mock Jury Trials

    We manage legal studies regarding mock jury trials with strict adherence to case confidentiality. By facilitating single or multi-jury studies with recruits from specific demographics, you can receive the data required to proceed accordingly.

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    Healthcare Research

    Looking to conduct healthcare research in Greensboro? Trust our team to support your need for accurate and detailed consumer product testing, clinical research, or health insurance studies.  Our reach extends to various participants – from medical professionals to administrative staff to the end consumers.

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    Virtual Research

    Broaden your research capabilities outside of in-person interactions. With virtual research, our methodologies maintain effectiveness yet add to research offerings, including online communities, store audits, and online surveys. We ensure the authenticity of all focus groups through webcam verifications and personal device checks.

    Focus Groups

    Prepare to launch your product with confidence after feedback from our focus groups in Greensboro, NC. Review the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of respondents across demographics to verify appeal and better understand viability. Our knowledgeable and personable moderators spark quality conversations, ensuring substantial feedback.

    Facilities and Amenities

    Depending on your unique needs as they relate to marketing research in Greensboro, NC, EastCoast Research has the appropriate facilities to support your study.


    • Rooms: Clients have access to two rooms, one for participants and the other for executive viewing. Each space accommodates seating for up to 20 individuals and can facilitate specific research needs such as projects or focus groups.
    • Features: Both spaces come with ergonomic seating and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. There is also a large 65-inch TV for client viewing.

    Technology and Equipment

    To meet the demands of various industries and sectors, we provide state-of-the-art equipment and technology for ease of use between our clients and their study participants:

    • High-speed internet access via Wi-Fi and broadband for research, data sharing, and global collaboration, aiding in data acquisition and dissemination.
    • Computer projection equipment enables clear communication of research findings and data during presentations and meetings within the facility.
    • We use closed-circuit television to enhance facility security, monitor experiments, and safeguard sensitive equipment and valuable research assets.
    • To facilitate remote collaboration, we provide teleconferencing that can be used to reduce geographical limitations for consultations and joint projects.
    • Enables virtual meetings, seminars, and webinars via web-conferencing for global information exchange, making collaboration efficient and accessible.
    • Live streaming allows for real-time experiments, lectures, and events, engaging a wider audience and fostering transparency in research activities.

    Additionally, our team provides a skilled audio-visual technician to support the use of the necessary equipment. Any additional hardware or gadgets are available upon request, and recordings are delivered via media storage or file sharing.

    Contact Information

    Eastcoast Research is your comprehensive solution for market research in Greensboro, NC. From recruiting respondents to supporting research studies, our facility is available to assist your market research endeavors. We’ve worked with professionals, up-and-coming companies, and established organizations on various detailed projects to uncover the data and information they require to determine their next course of action. For more information or to submit a bid or booking request, contact us.

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    1118 Grecade St, Suite 103
    Greensboro, NC 27408

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