Market Research, Project Management, and Respondent Recruiting in NC

Market research project management requires both long-term vision and a fine eye for detail. You need the ability to not only juggle multiple considerations but also to maintain an understanding of how they affect each other within the context of your project — all while running your business as usual.

Why not leave all that to the experts at Eastcoast Research? Since 1972, we’ve helped clients locally in North Carolina and nationally gather valuable data as part of our market research services. We are a world-class, women-owned market research recruiting and project management firm trusted by Fortune 500 companies. We provide recruiting and project management services for qualitative and quantitative studies.

Our market research project management firm can oversee your entire focus group, interview, or survey research project from our facilities in Wilmington, Greensboro, and Raleigh, NC. Researchers can recruit participants from diverse and niche markets to represent every type of client you hope to reach, giving you the most accurate, comprehensive insights possible.

When you submit a bid, you deserve so much more than expert project management for your market research project. Eastcoast research provides customized logistics for your project and out-of-the-box recruiting methods for difficult-to-find segments.

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  • Screener design in collaboration with the client to ensure the target group of participants is recruited.
  • Manage recruitment with daily updates and checkpoints to monitor quotas.
  • Facility booking and management at our state-of-the-art facilities or at one of our off-site venues.
  • AV support for live streaming, client viewing, video and audio recordings, and transcription.
  • Survey design and tracking.
  • Certified moderators bring expertise to lead groups and probe for consumer perception.
  • Our experienced analysts provide accurate data collection and meaningful insights.

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